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Why It's So Important To Visit Your Dentist In 2021

Why It's So Important To Visit Your Dentist In 2021

Regular checkups at Wichita Dental Group, Dr. John Lewis' family dentistry office in Wichita, KS, help you keep your smile healthy. Visits offer these oral health benefits:

Reduced Risk of Cavities and Gum Disease

Every checkup in the Wichita dental office includes a cleaning. Dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar, substances that can cause cavities and gum disease. Although brushing and flossing get rid of plaque, the bacteria-laden film can hide in out-of-the-way areas. If plaque isn't removed promptly, it turns into a grayish-brown deposit called tartar. Tartar is so hard that it can't be removed with a toothbrush and floss. Fortunately, the dental hygienist who cleans your teeth can eliminate every trace of plaque and tartar.

You also receive a dental exam to check for cavities, gum disease, and other issues that could affect your oral health. If the dentist does notice any problems, he'll recommend a treatment option.

Did the COVID-19 pandemic prevent you from seeing the dentist? Now is the perfect time to schedule an exam and cleaning and get back on track.

No More Pain or Discomfort

When your teeth or gums hurt, it's difficult to think about anything else. Whether you have a cavity, a cracked tooth, loose filling, dental abscess, or another issue, your dentist will determine the source of your pain and offer treatments to relieve your symptoms.

Do you suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)? Your dentist can fit you with an oral appliance that reduces stress on your jaw and helps you avoid stiffness, pain, headaches, and other issues related to the condition.

A More Attractive Smile

Improving your smile may be easier than your think. Your family dentist offers many treatments designed to approve the appearance and function of your teeth. Veneers hide imperfections on the fronts of teeth, while crowns completely cover teeth and restore, strengthen, and enhance teeth.

When tooth loss is the problem, dentures, bridges, or dental implants can make your smile whole again. A dull smile is one of the easiest problems to improve, thanks to dental whitening. After just a single, one-hour appointment, your teeth may be three to eight shades whiter.

Has it been a while since you visited the Wichita, KS, family dentistry office? Call (316) 265-0849 to schedule an appointment with Dr. John Lewis of Wichita Dental Group.